This Is Our Privacy Policy


We take privacy very seriously and don't share any information. We only keep your information for the purpose of providing our service to you. We never share your information with anyone other than to complete your order. Any information shared is via a third party who will keep your information for the purpose of delivering your order. We may contact you about your order or to update you with information. We may follow up on complete orders and to check if you're happy and satisfied and may want to order again. If you wish to subscribe to any newsletters or subscription we offer this will always be irregularly with minimum relevant contact and direct from us or through a third party site we use. We can remove you from your subscription at any time with no delay or cost. Please contact us if you wish to do so or for more information. If you have any questions about information or feel it has been shared or supplied to us by mistake please let us know. All information is kept as secure as possible and when available encrypted.


Privacy Is Number OneWe Protect Your InformationEncryption Where Possible