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DG Coffee Supplies is a small family business. It was started when we found very limited flavours and accessories available in the UK. We got hooked on the machine and great taste of the coffees. We now have several machines and would get them all if we could. Buying pods can be expensive and there are some ways to buy them cheap but with limited flavours.


We found most the flavours available online in the UK but found some you can't get. We tried to buy them and found it expensive for just one box. No one sold all the flavours either. This is why we now bulk buy all flavours and sell them on cheap. You can combine boxes and save on postage. We also sell loose pods to order so you can try before you buy.


We started out selling flavour sets containing one of each flavour from the UK, Non UK and World Flavours. We now supply all dolce gusto coffee pod flavours (57 World Wide) and a wide range of Official Dolce Gusto accessories. If you have any questions or are looking for any goods not on our site please contact us using the link in the navigation menu (left).


We can also sell via PayPal invoice so we can totally customise your order. We have some people who order regularly and others who order occasionally. We only charge for postage and pods. We have no hidden fees so you can order as much or as little as you like. Just use the navigation menu to browse our site. We hope to receive an order from you and appreciate your custom.


We have built up a relationship with our suppliers and sell more flavours than any one else. We have some flavours not available any where else in the UK. We try and keep up with all the new accessories, flavours and machines. If you would like to visit the UK official Dolce Gusto Website just click the useful links in the navigation menu. Feel free to ask us any questions we are here to try and help as much as we can.


Also don't forget to check out our FAQ page for more helpful answers on all things Dolce Gusto related. We offer customer satisfaction with us accepting returns. For more information just see our returns policy.











Catuai Do Brasil
Preludio Intenso
Soy Cappuccino
New Limited Edition Lungo N'Yumba
New Espresso Intenso Decaf
New Citrus Honey Black Tea
New Macaron Green Tea
New Dolce Gusto Ricore Latte
New Café Au Lait DecafNew EssenzaNew PreludioNew Zoegas MellanrostNew Yunnan Espresso
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